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Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare services and promote optimum health for our community members.


Be the best at what we do.


Compassion, commitment, honesty, loyalty, respect, accountability, trust, integrity, courtesy, and teamwork.



About Us

Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital & Physicians Clinic is committed to building an environment where caring principles are commonplace and a given right, where relationships between patients, families, and caregivers are at the heart of care delivery. Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital & Physicians Clinic is dedicated to improving the health of the people we serve. Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital and Physicians Clinics will not deny access to anyone  due to the inability to pay and there is a discounted sliding fee schedule available.

What's New


The challenge issued by Mr. Lloyd E. Clarke to raise $500,000 for Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital was met with resounding success!  Over $600,000 was raised for equipment for the hospital.  Mr. Clarke has donated $500,000 to add to this amount so the newly renovated hospital and new addition will have needed equipment.  Mr. Clarke issued this challenge as a way of honoring his father, Lloyd Clarke and brother, John Clarke who have both served on the MLMH Board of Directors.

The ML Community Health Foundation Board of Directors wishes to thank all who contributed in some way to this challenge.  It is an excellent example of what the community can do when everyone works together.



Phase II is all but completed.  This phase includes remodeling five semi private rooms into three semi private rooms with bathrooms and showers.  Also in this phase is the nurses’ station, charting room, pharmacy, medication room and the doctors’ work station.  The dining room is also in this phase of the project and is scheduled for completion later this spring.

Earlier this year, the OR remodel was completed along with the administrative office.

Demolition for Phase III has begun.  This includes the outpatient surgery clinic and endoscopy suite as well as patient rooms and central sterilizing in what is the east wing.  Also, in this phase is work on the patient rooms in the south hallway and upgrading HVAC controls in the clinic and Physical Therapy area.

Final completion is estimated to be in August of this year.


Groundbreaking Ceremony HeldCT Scanner

A groundbreaking ceremony for the hospital renovation and addition was held the morning of Tuesday, August 14, 2012. Shortly after that construction personnel began their work.